According to a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor: “Blogs still rank well behind traditional television, radio, and newspaper outlets as a source of news, but they are gaining ground rapidly. The liberal blog Daily Kos attracted nearly 4.8 million visitors this July, compared with 3.4 million in January, according to Nielsen//NetRatings…”

The population of Iowa is 2,926,324.

The population of New Hampshire is 1,235,786.

Their total population is, thus: 4,162,110.

That means Daily Kos had more “residents” in July than the two “first in the nation” states for the presidential nomination race. Of course, it is apples and ipods to compares a state with a website, but the numbers do point out the increasing locii of geopolitical power and attention that are blogs. One big difference: to meet everyone in Iowa, you have to travel all over Iowa. To get seen by everyone in Daily Kos land a single headlining post is enough.

Originally posted November 7, 2005 at PolicyByBlog

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