I am developing my own such list–but of reasons both why and why not–a politician should blog. Here is one via Loic Le Meur Blog. It is a well known Euroblog, and so most of the examples are from there. Interesting that most important reason to blog for an Amerian politician is not listed outright: TO BYPASS COMMERCIAL MEDIA, to avoid its editing, potential negative commentary, and so on.

10 reasons why should a politician blog (from Loic Le Meur Blog)

Why politicians should have blogs ?

1. To get closer to their audience, their supporters

2. To create a permanent open debate with them

3. To test their ideas easily and quickly, to enrich them and get new ones

4. To switch the way they talk to people usually from institutional to more personal

5. To better understand the criticism of the people against their ideas

6. To spread their ideas easily if they are supported by many people, in a decentralized way

7. To raise funds for their cause, party or campaign

8. To reach a younger audience and help young people get more interested in politics

9. To create around them network effects

10. To become famous if you are an unkown politician, or to start a political action, even locally

Originally posted January 6, 2006 at PolicyByBlog

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