Episode #5 of my radio show TOP’S TEN is up! TOP’S TEN seeks out successful and influential people in politics and government, the many professions, the physical and social sciences, or the arts and humanities and asks them to reveal their lives, ideas and ideals through their playlist. Our format is simple: We ask our guests what pieces of music mean the most to them and to tell us the story behind the infatuation.

Broadcast: 27 April 2014

Guest: Christy Martinez-Garcia, Founder and Publisher, Lubbock Latino Magazine


Song List:
1. Guantanamera – Celia Cruz
2. Hey Jude – The Beatles
3. Oye Como Va – Santana
4. Together – Tierra
5. Heat Wave – Linda Ronstadt
6. Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler
7. Imagine – John Lennon
8. I Can’t Tell You Why – Eagles
9. Barrio Viejo – Lalo Guerrero
10. Open The Eyes Of My Heart – Michael W. Smith

#5 Christy

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