A-Rod Ethics

Guest posted by Chris Nelson (KU student) for my class "Ethics & Media": The idea of this "steroid era" really started back in 1998 when Mark McGwireand Sammy Sosa were chasing Roger Maris' home run record of 61 in a single season, a record that was established in 1961. Everyone suspected that the sluggers, especially McGwire, were on something, but no one cared. The two men eventually chased down the record and continued to demolish it when McGwire hit number 70 on the last day of the season (Sosa ended with 66). Then along came Barry Bonds and his revamped body. In the early to mid '90s, Bonds was a lean base stealer who could also hit for power. After the 1998 season, it seemed that Bonds was jealous of the homer hype. This is when most suspect he started using. Bonds would end up breaking McGwire's record in 2001 with a total of 73 home runs. I know that records are made to be broken, but...
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“Facebooking Your Way Out of Tenure” at Chronicle of Higher Education

My essay "Facebooking Your Way Out of Tenure" appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education, July 3, 2009. [online]. It is part of my regular column, "P&T Confidential." The essay (first of two parts) looks at how the vast new world of online social networks--Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, blogs, Twitter, etc.--has affected many parts of our lives, including promotion and tenure for academics. In part one I deal with how Facebook can negatively influence the way people, including those who will decide on your tenure bid, think about you. In part two, next month, I will outline tenure-friendly Facebooking activities.   Originally posted July 3, 2009 at PolicyByBlog...
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Blogs as Stealth Dissent?

Wei Zha & David D. Perlmutter. "Blogs as Stealth Dissent?: 'Eighteen Touch Dog Newspaper' and the Tactics, Ambiguity and Limits of Internet Resistance in  China." In Guy J. Golan, Thomas J. Johnson, & Wayne Wanta (eds.), International Media Communication in a Global Age, pp. 277-295. New York: Routledge. Originally posted October 4, 2009 at PolicyByBlog...
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