With Barack Obama using the tools of the internet to win the Presidential election, I feel his Presidency will be connected to the youth than any other President in the past. In regards to new media, Obama started his post election win with a Youtube video address. This use of video brings the message he is wanting to get out directly to the individual person, almost like a personal video for each person, we can watch or not, or wait for a more convenient time to watch. The video was posted on his personal website along with the text of the address and the podcast version.

All three versions are great for those who rather not watch the first two minutes of a video, and just want to read, or those who want to just listen and not watch a video. If someone was really into the address, I guess they could even download it to i-tunes and listen to it, while they were running…or walking to class. The overall convenience of watching or listening to a video version is excellent, especially when people don’t always watch or listen to the speeches on the local stations or listen to the address on the radio at set times. I personally don’t think I have ever listened to a radio address by any President, first because, I didn’t know what time it was on, and secondly, I think I would forget to tune in.

As far as Obama using the new media to gain support for policies, programs and presidential actions, I believe he has done that with the first video he put out. In it he asks for the support of both sides Democrat and Republicans to support his Economic Recovery Plan. And he acknowledges that it won’t be easy. But what he does is again shift the message to the public, and state that there are people with bills, not knowing if they will make it, how will college be paid for, will they still have a job? This message to the public, puts the image of someone they might know, even themselves, who maybe struggling in today’s economic climate. This idea was great who ever thought of it, because, if you look at people who watch Youtube, I don’t think many are millionaires, so they know how the price of gas, or price of food is affecting them.

In one blog on Mashable.com the writer’s topic is “How Will President Obama Use His Massive Social Media Influence.” One idea he suggests (granted this was on November 5), is use his influence for calls to service. On Obama’s site, he does ask for donations for the California Fires, but also, when the hurricane hit Texas, he also had donation calls for aid on his website before he was elected, so I think he will be up for doing as much as he can to get donations for many charities.

All in all, it seems that regular people will feel more connected to this Presidency than ever before, and maybe that will lesson the apathy amongst our citizens.

–posted by Rhonda L.

Originally posted November 25, 2008 at PolicyByBlog

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