The Obama campaign continues its reign on the Internet with two sites worth a mention.  First is the campaign’s mini-site Vote for Change, which allows people to find a polling location or share their campaign interests with friends through Facebook or MySpace.  Second, and even cooler, is theNeighbor to Neighbor Web site, a GOTV toolkit for any budding enthusiast.  Here, you can find list of voters by neighborhood or state, a script for your phone conversations, and a flyer you can distribute should you decide to go door-to-door.  Then you can use the site to report your results.  Confused?  Training and support are available to show you the way.

Take a look at L Magazine’s guide to the new media landscape, which covers the spectrum of online political content.  It is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and offers a clever way to navigate the online minefield that has sprung from this campaign. It’s worth noting that the scoring is done based on a spectrum of political minds from Chairman Mao (“The scare left”) to Benito Mussolini (“The wingnut right”).  Happy reading.

Finally, check out Wired magazine for a scorecard of how Obama and McCain are stacking up against new technology and responses thereto.  Nicholas Thompson grades the candidates on five areas, but if you disagree with the scores or the topics, feel free use the Reddit tools on the scorecard to suggest a new topic.

Originally posted October 16, 2008 at PolicyByBlog

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