Blogging is catching on as part of politics everywhere.

From the Conference “Internet-2005”, Novosibirsk, Russia, September 20-21, 2005

Blog founder Anton Nosik:

Blogs will push the traditional media away in providing news to the mass consumer, and the recent events in New Orleans are a good example of this.

Bloggers exist in any country and on any social level. Getting information from bloggers equals to being in the ground zero yourself.

Anton Nosik, a dentist (!) is a pioneer of Russia blogging, starting in 1996. He established a news agency in 2003, was the CEO of Russia’s online search engine company in 2001—2004, and served as the chief editor of Russian online news agency Lenta.Ru in 1999—2004.

Originally posted February 21, 2006 at PolicyByBlog

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