Latest Chronicle Column: “The Best Problem: Dealing With More Than One Job Offer”

Chronicle publishes my latest “Career Confidential” column. David D. Perlmutter. “The Best Problem: Dealing With More Than One Job Offer.” Chronicle of Higher Education, May 10, 2013, pp. A35.

 “In the movie Broadcast News, William Hurt’s smooth character, rapidly promoted toward anchorman stardom, asks his less-successful schlumpy colleague, played by Albert Brooks: ‘What do you do when your real life exceeds your dreams?’

              Brooks replies: ‘Keep it to yourself.’

              Yes, it’s tough on the job market for tenure-track positions. Nevertheless, thousands of tenure-track offers are made every year across the disciplines, and contract negotiation is the important next step. But what if you get more than one offer, or anticipate another one? I have no national statistic on that occurrence, but I have experienced and heard from many department chairs that top candidates for assistant professorships often receive multiple offers.” [Read More]


Essay on “Your First Real Taste of Academic Culture” in CHE

My essay, “Your First Real Taste of Academic Culture,” on being a first-time graduate assistant appeared in the July 18th Chronicle of Higher Education. The essay was also adopted by The Graduate College at Western Michigan University to include in its training manual for grad students.

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Presenting Your Tenure File

My article, “Presenting Your Tenure File” appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education, February 19, 2009. It is part of mY regular column, “P&T CONFIDENTIAL”.

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“Summer Schedules” at Chronicle of Higher Education

My essay “Summer Schedules” appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education, June 6, 2009. [online]. It is part of my regular column, “P&T Confidential.” The essay looks at how academics can balance work and life over the summer.

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“Difference Between Dean and Professor” at Chronicle of Higher Education

My essay on the “The Decisive Difference Between Dean and Professor” was published in the Chronicle Review Section of the Chronicle of Higher Education, July 20, 2009.

Note excellent illustration–though I am not so good-looking and have not worn a tuxedo since my wedding!


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Perlmutter on “Facebooking for the Tenure Track”

My essay on “Facebooking for the Tenure Track” appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education, September 4, 2009. [online]

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Perlmutter on “Avoiding a ‘Nuclear Veto’ in Hiring”

Another essay in my “P&T Confidential” column appeared. David D. Perlmutter. “Avoiding a ‘Nuclear Veto’ in Hiring.” Chronicle of Higher Education, December 3, 2009. It’s about what I call the “nuclear veto” in hiring. You as a candidate may write or speak tens of thousands of words in your job-application materials, interviews, and presentations; 99.9 percent of your comments may find a favorable response with members of the hiring committee. But if you make one remark that hits a sour note, is misinterpreted, offends someone, or upsets some pet idea or theory, that single misstep can be fatal to your hiring…what can you do about it?

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